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We know that qual projects sometimes seem to get a 'go' all at once, and this requires you to act fast. You need to be able to have a project up and running the same or the next day. MyInsights is extremely easy to use, not only for research participants, but also for moderators and observers. You'll be able to set up a project on our online platform on your own easily. If you do have questions, no problem at all, we're happy to help! Just send a message to

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MyInsights: A Versatile Tool For Qual Projects

As a qualitative market researcher, you've probably already seen the advantages of mobile ethnography. Participants can capture their thoughts, feelings, experiences and habits in the right moment and place, whether it is at home or on-the-go. In MyInsights, participants can not only submit text messages, photos, videos and audio fragments, they can also complete diary tasks, vote in a poll topic, or participate in short surveys. In short, we offer many possibilities to enhance and enrich your projects and your reports.

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Mobile ethnography

Mobile ethnography encompasses many different ways of doing qual research. Some projects run for one or two weeks, others last months or even years!

In any case, it will lead to a better understanding of how consumers think, how they act, how they use products and services or what barriers might exist to use a certain product or service. Mobile qual will let you dig deeper into consumers lives and will enrich your reporting.

MyInsights Diary

Mobile diary

A mobile diary project can be done 'on its own', to better understand consumer habits, rituals and feelings. It's also a good preparation before your actual fieldwork.

While you want to keep an open mind as a researcher, it's also nice to be prepared and to get to know the consumers before seeing them in an IDI or focus group. This allows you to dig even deeper and clarify certain things, that otherwise might have gone unnoticed or lost.

MyInsights Posting

Pre & post tasking

Pre tasking can be done, when you need a little more insight into the feelings towards certain brands, their purchases or other relevant information of your research participants, before your IDI's or focus group.

On the other hand, don't you ever wonder how much participants can remember about a TVC two weeks after the fieldwork is completed, and if they still feel the same way about their willingness to buy a product? You can use post tasking to find that out!

MyInsights Poll

Poll topic

Just like during your face to face fieldwork, sometimes you want to do a head count, just to get a quick overview of the general feeling about a commercial, product or brand. You can do that with the 'poll topic' in MyInsights.

You can show a TVC, a still, or proposition or ask a question in general and get participants to vote and if needed, explain why they voted this way. You may let participants discuss the poll results. This is entirely up to you though, and based on the settings you choose in your project.

MyInsights Select File

Shopper insights

With MyInsights, you can set up your project in such a way that you can map the path to purchase. You can, for instance, make use of surveys that stay available to let participants keep track of every touchpoint they have with the product or service.

Get a better understanding of all the touchpoints, triggers and barriers there are to buy the product. Let participants capture what triggers them to make the actual purchase.